Uplighting is a stunning, comprehensive way to set the tone of your event space. LED lighting technology has an infinite color palette that allows you to dramatically transform any desired area. This is the most common and cost effective way to enhance your event space and set the mood of a room.

Wash lighting

A color wash and/or accent light highlights the elements you do not want your guests to miss throughout your event! Make sure your bar, DJ/band, food stations and important design elements do not get lost. Event Factor specialists can advise you as to where these accents will be most beneficial according to your venue and design choices.

Programmable + Intelligent lighting

With the endless color options lighting provides, why limit your event to one palette? Programmable lighting allows us to set our up lights to strategically modify the colors throughout your event, creating a varying desired atmosphere during each portion of the festivity. Intelligent lighting synchronizes to your desired music to change colors and effects in perfect harmony. An experienced lighting technician adapts these techniques directly to the beat of the music and through the different stages of the night as it progresses.

Bistro + String Lighting

String lighting is a perfect way to create an intimate atmosphere. Draped lighting over your event space allows important elements in the room to be brought out of the dark. Whether outdoors or indoors, string lighting can functionally highlight, enclose areas and also add a unique touch when creatively strung throughout a venue.

Pin Spot Lighting

A pin spot acts as a miniature spotlight which focuses a soft beam on a desired design element in your space. Primarily seen on table centerpieces, whether extravagant or simple, a pin spot highlights the important elements in your room to illuminate your details and achieve optimal photography.

Gobo Projections

Gobo projections are patterns, graphics or images that help create a unique atmosphere in a venue. Event Factor, can help you design a custom gobo projection for any occasion. Dance floors, walls and ceilings benefit greatly from gobo projections. They are simple to incorporate and create endless opportunities to add texture and depth for a dramatic effect to any space.

Monogram + Logos + Brand Projections

Immediately draw your guests’ attention to a custom monogram or company/brand logo beautifully projected with light! Event Factor can design a customized monogram according to your specifications (or utilize a design you have had created) that can be projected on the walls, ceiling, dance floor or other areas of your venue.