The Event Factor: We’re Make-Up Artists For Your Room

For the professionals at The Event Factor, your meeting room, wedding venue, or training center is a blank palette, and it’s our job to create a work of art that makes this special day a masterpiece.

As South Florida’s leading audio visual, lighting, and entertainment firm, The Event Factor incorporates subtle effects that create dynamic impacts. Weddings become more romantic. Sales events become more motivational. And board meetings become more focused.

The end results are events that run seamlessly with an array of magical lighting, clean, crisp audio visual and projection strategies, a business-like approach to production, and music that sets the tone. And this theatrical approach to event production is relevant whether there’s an audience of 50 or 50,000.

Staffed by professionals with decades of experience in the entertainment and production industries, our team views your event as a performance that is scripted, planned and produced to meet your specifications. We listen. We understand your personalities and goals. And, most importantly we respond with a plan and execute it – with no detail left out – to make your day special.
We are audio visual technicians. Computer experts. Musical aficionados. Lighting experts. And much more.

But most of all, we are artists using and blending all of these tools to make your event memorable. Or as we like to say – a masterpiece.

This Could Be Your Event….

  • Most of us have been at events where speakers static and a speaker’s voice is muffled or echoing. The information projected on screens is blurry and the type is too small for those in the back of an auditorium. Audio visual capabilities can make or break an event. The Event Factor professionals are familiar with state-of-the-art technology that entertain, inform, and motivate your guests. The highest end speakers and microphones, most sophisticated DJ equipment, and high-definition projectors and screens are among the technology we bring to the table.
  • It’s your wedding day. And with this day comes a reception with many emotions. Lighting can enhance the event. Imagine the couple bathed in subtle blue lighting during their first dance. Then with the dinner experience, the mood turns to sexy and elegant with red lighting during the meal. Then the party starts with synchronized lighting that changes with the music.
  • Your sales team needs a jolt of motivation. They are ushered into an auditorium with pulsating music and logos of the firm projected on the walls, ceiling and floors. It is an electric moment for an exciting event, one that brands the company and sets the tone for sales performance.
  • It’s your holiday corporate gala. An important time to say “thank you” for a job well done. The themed event welcomes guests with a confetti shower and robots roam the room passing hors d’oeuvres. Musicians and dancers entertain, creating an ambiance of excitement.
  • The shareholders of your company have arrived for the annual meeting. You want to set the tone to announce a successful year. But just as important is to brand the company in a way that conveys success and confidence. The textured logo is projected on a large screen and music matches and reinforces the company’s culture. The mood is set for what will be an impressive meeting. Audio visual presentations are colorful and easily read. There are no exposed wires and the event runs seamlessly focusing on the goal of conveying success.
  • It’s time for the grand opening of a department store. And, it’s important to target the customers. As they say, you have one chance to make a first impression. Something as seemingly simple as music makes an important statement. For example, you can expect an older clientele to come during the day so Sinatra, Tony Bennet or Celine Dion may be the music of choice. As the day moves into evening, a younger crowd may be there, making something more contemporary as a way to enhance the experience.

These events all have something in common – The Event Factor. Think of us as make-up artists for your room!